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Duration - 2 Hours 0minutes; Writers - Atika Chohan; Country - India; directed by - Meghna Gulzar; release Year - 2020. लक्ष्मी है, दुर्गा के अवतार है, राक्षसो संभल जावो तुम्हारा विनाश हैं।. One thing to say When I was listening, my eyes was full of tears. I think it's her her right to do and walk what she wants. Yes she did stir up controversy. But isn't that her right. If she feels she needs to stand up for those students is her right. Democracy' freedom everything does have her scene. Acid attacks are violent. We all have known about it. And it is a great effort to showcase it. So let's just spread awareness.

Plsss friends go and watch this hapaak is a very very heart touching movie. Is this Ranbir🤪🤪🤪he looks so Bangladesh🇧🇩. F#🤬🤬 all guys who dislike. How a man dislike this song. I think they are are 🐗. Same on you 😠😠😠😠. Haaye garmi. Kar di, kar di, kar di, kar di. These girls are the definition of beauty. TRUE BEAUTY. Great ma'am aapke Jazbe ko salam...

Unlike karne waale ko Itne jute 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇. Chhapaak mobi dekne Jo loug giya sobi desh duri hai. This song proves love is true♥️♥️♥️. So true. Each and every scene is so close to reality. I'm really very very excited for watching this movie. Sabse badi problem ye hai ki kam se kam hmare mami papa ko hamper bharosa krna chahiye. Hmare yaha agar koi Ladki ye kehti hai ki koi ladka mujhe ched raha hai to ulta Ladki ki hi kyu galti nikali jati hai. Jb hmare Maa baad hi hme esa bolenge to Hm kisi oor se kya umed rakh skte hai. Ye democratic India hai Yaha har kisi ko Apni Baat rkhne ka, Haa ya, naa kehne ka hk hote hue bhi itna Bhayaanak hadsa nhi hona chahiye or buri baat ye bhi hai is hadse me ek Ladki bhi shamil thi 😡.

This song really heart💜❤ touching in 2020. Not Safe in Home. If they said they love than how they can do this only because of rejection. Ohhhh dear you are very beautiful and strong, ALLAH BLESS YOU 😓😍😍😍😍😍😍. How could his sister support him in this crime? Aurat kehlane ke layak ni. Love that maroon checkers shirt of Jhagiya.

She(13 years old) was attacked because she said no to a 32-35 year old guy to get married. That guy and that guy's younger brother's girlfriend, they bought acid and followed her and threw acid on her. That guy said it while pouring acid on her that if you can't be mine, you can be anyone else's. I feel instead of complaining about go and watch that movie. All acid attacked women have acted in it. They were very happy about a movie being released on them. If u make it as a flop no one will take courage to make movie on real life incidences... And who here compares Uyare and Chhapak. Both are completely different. Chhapak is based on story of laxmi can't portray something that hasn't happened in her life. I really loved the movie. Uyare is also in its own way DON'T COMPARE BOTH OF THEM...




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